1st May 2017
Benton End Gates Oil Painting by Mollie Russell Smith

Mollie Russell Smith

Mollie Russell-Smith [21 April 1924 – 11 November 2014] & my adoptive mother, is an authentic 20th Century British artist who produced a significant body of work during her long life. You can see the website I have written to […]
30th April 2017
Lose Weight without Dieting

Lose Weight Without Dieting…

Lose Weight without Dieting Lose weight & keep it off forever without dieting 10 Steps to a New You For details of how to join please go to www.susieellis.org or send me a message via Facebook & ask to join […]
29th April 2017
Behind The Truth

Behind the Truth

Behind the Truth I have written Behind the Truth to expose the hype & potentially harmful ingredients in personal care products & makeup If you would like to know more please visit www.behindthetruth.co.uk
28th April 2017
image of susie ellis susieellis.net

Coming soon…

Coming soon … Whether you have an idea for a traditional business or an online business, mindset & strategies are of the utmost importance. Without a big enough reason to succeed you just won’t, however hard you try, but if […]