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Coming soon …

Whether you have an idea for a traditional business or an online business, mindset & strategies are of the utmost importance.
Without a big enough reason to succeed you just won’t, however hard you try, but if you do have a burning ambition that is where I come in & can help.


There are many self-help ‘gurus’ out there in internet world & it is really easy to get caught up with one who takes you off down the wrong path.    Believe me, I know, I tried several before I found one that gelled with me & cost me a small fortune!


However what I have learned I am going to pass on to you…did you read the book Pass it Forward?  I just love the whole ethos of giving back.


Some of the stuff I blog about you will already know, as some of you will have been in business for a long time, & some of you will be just starting out so everything will be new.

I am aiming to make sure there is content that interests YOU…

I will cover:
Money making ideas online & offline
Event management [not time management, that doesnt work]
Reverse engineering your business
Business plans & accounting
Niche & branding


From how to build an email list to affiliate marketing & everything else in between


Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to cover, it’s great to get feedback 🙂

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