IMG_1847cHello, my name is Susie Ellis, mother of four, a qualified hypnotherapist & business & lifestyle coach.

I started my working life as a PA for a commercial Estate Agent in Green Park, London & then when I later moved to Norfolk I became PA to the Finance Director of a Blue Chip Company.  The first gave me hands on experience in a startup & the second a fantastic grounding in the ‘bottom line’.

During a management buy-out, another fantastic learning curve, I found myself being eased sideways so I left & started up my own business as a consultant.

My first project was to overhaul all the working processes & systems for a company specialising in laying oil pipelines in Russia!  It was a fixed 6 month contract & I then had to employ staff to take over the running of the company.   Since then I have specialised in troubleshooting.

In 2010 I qualified as a hypnotherapist & I now use those skills, including NLP, in my coaching business.  I find that mindset & self esteem are as important to a business as financial reporting.

We specialise in helping people and businesses excel in all that they do.   We can help you achieve…providing accountability, guidance, systems & ideas

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Also over the years I have become more & more interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating organic & unprocessed food & avoiding pharmaceuticals.

I have developed a lifelong interest in food & it’s affects on our health which began when one of my children was cured of ‘hyperactivity syndrome’ by cutting out food additives & colourings from his diet…see www.susieellis.org

Then I progressed to researching the ingredients in the personal care products & makeup we were using. I was horrified to read about SLS & Propylene glycol for a start! Let alone what else I uncovered during the process…

I was encouraged to learn the truth, help others, & share my findings & ideas with the world…see www.behindthetruth.co.uk