The Question to Ask…

The Question to Ask…

Pete, a friend, has just published an article on LinkedIn which got me thinking about why so few people ‘make it’ big.

He was concentrating on how to become a better person & be successful in life & says the question to ask ourselves is “Who am I?”. He suggests that we can change our life if we change our narrative… the stories we run in our heads about ourselves.

In the online & offline business space so many people strive to do better but very few break out & become well known, or successful or financially stable.

We can all think of people in our niche or specialist area who are hugely successful, or at least appear to be. We know that Amazon, Virgin, Aliexpress, Microsoft, Apple etc etc all began as a vision. I also know quite a few who are quietly getting on with making huge amounts of money [online & offline] quite happy to remain out of the limelight.

Then, we all know there are thousands of people who buy online products & courses to emulate their ‘gurus’. These are the people, the consumers, wanting to make a difference in their lives; physically, emotionally, financially or intellectually.

But… one guy told me only 3% of the people, who buy his $3000 course, complete the training; a woman, yesterday, said only 1% of her buyers even log in to the training account & in one group I belong to, of over 60 women, only 5 or 6 are posting results!

Apparently most cases of ‘buyers remorse’ & refund requests are because buyers don’t realise how much work is required. They don’t have the self belief that they can make it work.

So what takes the wannabe through that ‘sliding doors’ moment?

Belief or pain?

That is the question to ask!

For me, it was pain. I just could not stand to be where I was any longer ~ the pain was too great. I’m sure I could have done something positive about my circumstances earlier but my pain threshold is higher than most & I kept burying it.

People stay in JOBs [just over broke] because it’s easier than breaking out on their own & to avoid getting verbal flak from friends & family. I think they would change their circumstances if the pain could not be ignored any longer.

Maybe some people just have the personality trait that says they are successful at whatever they turn their hand to… maybe they are born with the success gene or maybe they acquire it. If only I could distill that into a bottle & sell it !!!

My clients employ me to fix holes in their businesses & get over hurdles in their personal lives.

If I can help you please do get in touch…

Pete’s clients employ him for his sales expertise & to learn his Ace sales method. You can read Pete’s article in full here & contact him direct here

[& here is a great read on pain & growth]

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