WordPress Drama

wordpress drama

WordPress drama & a bit more on uploading images…

I had rather a drama with WordPress yesterday.  Having lost a couple of websites in the past [long story for another time] I was totally shocked & panicked to get a 501 error message when I tried to log in to www.trulyspecial.com.

TrulySpecial has been a work in progress & I had been working on the site for a few days mainly uploading images.  One image, from a designer, just wouldn’t load & I got an error message.  I logged out & back in again & everything seemed fine.  But, when I checked the image & found it was very large 40000 x 40000 px!  so I re-sized it & tried again with a couple of other images.

I also did a ‘multiple’ image upload rather than one at a time & realised too late that one image was 1000 x 1000 px & there is no way to stop the upload once it had started.

So memo to self …

– take a break & think clearly.  I was so very nearly finished.

I logged out & went for a walk with the dog to clear my head when I saw the error message but when I came back the same thing happened again.

Then I checked my other websites & I couldn’t see any of them!  Very despondent, I contacted my hosting provider, Midphase, on live chat & within a few minutes the very helpful guy said there seemed to be some unfinished processes holding up everything.

After telling him about the image problems I had been having & he said ‘would you like me to kill the processes from here?’  Wow I could have hugged him.

So … when loading images to your WordPress site check the file size beforehand.

You can resize images within WordPress but you will run the risk of the same thing happening to you.   Large images make your website run slowly & cause them to take a long time to load – by which time a visitor will get fed up & move on anyway.

Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in writing websites that you forget the basics!

Oh, & make sure you have a brilliant hosting provider!

Hope my awful experience helps someone…

p.s. this is the image that caused the drama

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