Re-Purpose Your Content

Re-Purpose Your Content

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Re-Purpose Your Content or How to Re-use What you Write …

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Marketing, including online marketing is, and always will be, about selling stuff to people.   The techniques might alter & the methods become more refined, but it’s still all about selling products & services that people either need or want.

It’s fairly easy to write a series of articles covering the basics if you bear that in mind…

For example:

How to…

  • start a Facebook Fan Page
  • get 1000 fans using Pinterest/Instagram/Twitter etc
  • get fans interacting with your product
  • build a profitable email list
  • build a list of 1,000s of people in 2 months
  • create products
  • use social media
  • drive traffic

& so on

Now you just have to find a trick to making your content timely & relevant…

Just keep your eyes & ears opens for the latest news.   Google might make some changes that make people panic about their website rankings.  If that happened you could re-purpose use your content with the title “Ideas for driving traffic without using Google”

Maybe Facebook has made some changes to their advertising policy.  You could re-purpose your content as “How to get Facebook leads without paying for Facebook Ads”

Or maybe you notice a new marketing trend which you could use as “How to create products that capitalise on new trends”

All you have to do is update your Word files; change the specifics, re-title it & you’ve got a new product to offer, a new blog post or copy for an advert.


  • promote it to your list
  • put it on Warrior, JVZoo etc
  • buy solo ad traffic to get some sales
  • post it on all your social media channels
  • think about turning it into a video & putting it on Youtube.

You could even talk about your content on Periscope or Facebook live, record that & put that on Youtube.

Just think how many places you can promote stuff nowadays – you can advertise on Friday Ads, Gumtree, put a postcard in your local shop, get fliers delivered…there are endless possibilities

Nothing you create is ever wasted!

When news of a new trend hits, you can get your new, highly relevant, product onto the market super fast & fill a market gap almost as it happens.

If you are worried about not liking writing or don’t feel up to the task you can always buy a PLR [Private Label Rights] product & modify it for your purpose – just make sure it is it up-to-date & relevant

You could even bundle all your articles together to make an eBook & publish it on Kindle, or have the book as a download on your website or create an online course…

Sue Fleckenstein has some PLR products you could use here

& Helen Lindop has some courses you can edit & make your own here

Have you got any more ideas?  If so do share 🙂







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