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Make sure you are seen – online visibility is essential!

There are billions of searches online for the very thing you are good at.  You can solve specific problems but what good is it if no-one can find you?

I’ve seen an awful lot of “gooroos” saying in their posts, on social media recently, that all you need to succeed is a Facebook page & /or a group

We all know people who appear to be very successful using Facebook alone but are they really?  I say ‘appear’, deliberately, not to be cynical, but to stress that we don’t really know.

I wrote a blog post touching on all this a while ago which you can read here but it is really disappointing how many would be online marketers are getting fleeced.

Here are a few of the ads going round now:

  • Just throw up a Shopify store & make your fortune
  • Sell on Amazon / Ebay / Etsy etc
  • Learn Instagram – Twitter, Linked In & Pinterest are dead
  • You don’t need a blog use Medium instead
  • Facebook live has replaced the need for webinars
  • Pay $97 per month to stop your Facebook ad account being shut down

& is anyone else plagued by the ‘show me in a gif how you’re feeling today’ posts.  Gifs are specifically designed to keep the masses under control, in my mind – sheeple behaviour.

& the list goes on…

What would actually happen if you wrote a post on Medium & it went viral?  Journalists & PR agencies would start looking for you & they will want to see more about you.  They are going to ask for your platform…  [There is a great book on the subject here]

You will never ever know how many ‘Joe public’ tried to find you & just gave up.

What a waste!

If you are in business online is it imperative you have online visibility.  So I suggest you check right now.  If someone types your name into Google or Youtube can you be found?

Personally I have a problem.  There is another Susie Ellis with a specific ‘spa’ presence so I have to try especially hard to be visible online.   When I tried to buy, a few years ago, I found it was owned by the ‘spa’ person & was being redirected to her site.  I asked if I could buy it from her but she refused.   Today while writing this I checked again & found it is now for sale!  I immediately went to 123-reg & put an order in for it.   I wonder why they never called me back to offer it to me?   Fancy owning some online real estate that you know someone wants to buy & not cashing in? – daft!

I know I can be found on Youtube & my images come up on Google but I have to do some more work on getting my site on page 1.

Can you be found?

Three years ago I spent a small fortune with a so called expert marketer which was a complete waste of money.  So be very careful who you employ as your mentor.   Employ?  Yes – you are paying; so make sure you get what you have paid for & value for money.

This advice also works in the reverse.  If you are looking to buy an online course or program or join a membership site, check out the people who are running the show.  Trawl through Google & all the social media sites & ask other students for reviews.   In the UK we can check Companies House & there will be similar legislative bodies in your country.

Last year a ‘gooroo’ I had been following on Periscope suggested I join his new education program but when I did my due diligence I found this:   “The Commission ordered [name] & [name] and their affiliated companies to pay $5,577,226 in compensation.  He was also fined with $300,000 in administrative penalties for misleading 105 investors”  Maybe they are reformed characters but I don’t trust them now.

Let me know what you think…

Are you doubtful about your online visibility?  I can help.

Please do get in touch – you don’t want to leave money on the table!



  1. Stacy says:

    Hey Susie
    i complete agree with you , and it’s very nice post
    Thank you for sharing awesome article , but i want to know how to found a real employ for my website ?
    who can work proper

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