Making Money as an Amazon Affiliate

Making Money as an Amazon Affiliate

amazon affiliate

One way to earn money online is to become an Amazon Affiliate…

…they pay you a commission on your sales of their products.  There are millions of products for sale on Amazon so you will definitely find some that resonate with you, your brand & your niche.

It’s free to join [click here] & just follow the instructions

You can see what I have done on my Top Books page.  To get those clickable images I logged in to Amazon Affiliate & searched for a book title.  This brings up a list of available products to promote & then I clicked ‘get link’.  I chose ‘image only’, highlighted the code & copied it to my webpage.  Now when anyone clicks on one of the books they are taken to the Amazon sales page for that book, & when they buy the book I earn a commission.

However, I had a bit of a hiccup when I couldn’t see those book images on a Windows laptop which was really frustrating.  So I came up with a workaround solution.

Instead of using the method above I went to the Amazon sales page, took a screenshot of the book & saved it as an image.  I use Snagit but you can also use the printscreen function on your keyboard.

I inserted the image into the webpage & then added part of the Amazon code to the image & eh voila my images are now stable & visible!

Find the code:

You can see exactly which part of the code you need in this image:

amazon affiliate

I also think it’s a good idea to get all links to open in a new tab or browser window.   That way your visitor may go off & buy the product you are promoting but your website is still open for them to return to.

The possibilities are endless!  You could have a miniature dog website selling cute clothes, collars & leads [leashes] or a kids art website selling paint, crayons, paper etc…

Was that helpful?  Do let me know 🙂

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